What do we specialise in?

The Division's activities include carrying out research and development work in:

  • methods of dosimetry and mixed radiation detectors,
  • microdosimetry and nanodosimetry,
  • physics of interaction of ionising radiation with matter in terms of physical and biological nanometric structures,
  • the development of metrological tools for the dosimetry of synchrotron radiation and other new radiation sources,
  • passive and active neutron spectrometry methods,


  • computer simulations by Monte Carlo methods based on phantom tests,
  • neutron and heat-flux calculations for reactor conversion and beam forming systems,
  • methods for spectrometric analysis of natural radioactivity and spectrometric measurements of irradiated samples in the MARIA reactor,
  • in vitro and in vivo radiobiology and materials research using neutron beams,
  • development of infrastructure and test planning system for boron-neutron therapy.


Acting Division Head
Katarzyna Tymińska, PhD

Secretary Office
Olga Piotrowska
tel. 22 273 22 20

NeoBor-BNCT Coordinator
Eng. Edyta Michaś, MSc