What do we specialise in?

We investigate primordial universe models which can explain the origin of the primordial structure that seeded the observed large-scale structure of the Universe. In particular, we proposed a new quantum bouncing cosmology in which the big-bang singularity is replaced by a quantum big bounce. We develop many tools useful for this research such as quantisation methods, approximation methods for quantum dynamics or the Hamiltonian formalism for cosmological perturbations. We study the time problem in quantum theories of gravity. We examine classical and quantum gravity on surfaces with boundaries.

We study both theory and phenomenology of deformed spacetime symmetries. We investigate cosmological structure formation by methods extending beyond the standard perturbation theory i.e. by exact solutions of Einstein's equations, averaging methods and generalisations of the Lagrangian perturbation theory. Our aim is to fully understand the current and upcoming observations in the context of persistent tensions in the LambdaCDM model, unknown nature of dark energy and dark matter. We study cosmological models in extended theories of gravity and compare them with the available observational data.


ul. Pasteura 7,
02-093 Warszawa
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e-mail: BP2@ncbj.gov.pl