Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (IDEA)

Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (IDEA) is a part of National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ). We are a uniquely autonomous division, we do not depend on scientific funding and cover our costs with business and research projects. We provide tools and services to optimise electricity markets and power grid infrastructure. The division provides models of power grid and markets for whole Europe for now and for the future. The division closely cooperates with numerous commercial partners, European TSOs and institutions.

What do we specialise in?

  • mathematical modeling of power systems using High Performance Computing (HPC),
  • generation, transmission, distribution and energy cross-border exchange,
  • problems related to security of energy supply, such as redispatching in addition to the risk of failure of power system (not satisfied criteria N-1, G-1),
  • modeling power flow in transmission grid, including European transmission network – UCTE system,

  • energy mix forecasts,
  • energy market structures: nodal model and zonal models of European energy market, designing zonal division for future European energy market,
  • determining the prices on the energy market and the volume of cross-border exchange using Market Coupling algorithm,
  • multi-agent approach for modeling market participants behavior in the energy market and in econo- and social sciences

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Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (IDEA)
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