High-temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactors (HTGR) are a technology that enables the production of clean thermal energy at temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius. This heat can be used, among other things, in industrial processes. Reactors of this type could, in future, replace the run-down gas and coal-fired boilers currently used to generate heat in industry. This change would not only lead to a reduction in gas imports, but could significantly reduce Poland's CO2 emissions. In the case of the implementation of HTGR nuclear technology, a typical problem, also observed in other new technology sectors, has been identified, namely the failure of the current legal system to keep pace with the development of new technological solutions, which often results in a failure in their implementation. This is precisely what the Gospostrateg-HTR project will serve to address. In just over three years of project implementation, a series of technical, legal and socio-economic analyses will be prepared, which at a later stage will serve for the smooth implementation of high-temperature nuclear reactor technologies in Polish industry.

The project entitled. "Preparation of legal, organisational and technical instruments for the implementation of HTR reactors" is carried out within the Strategic Programme for Scientific Research and Development Works - GOSPOSTRATEG by a consortium consisting of:

Ministry of Climate and Environment,

National Centre for Nuclear Research,

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology.

Project website: www. gohtr. pl

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