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The POLATOM Radioisotope Center delivers radiopharmaceuticals to patients in a more secure way thanks to the status of a Known Consignor

A large part of the radiopharmaceuticals produced by OR POLATOM is shipped to recipients around the world by air. Obtaining the certificate of a Known Consignor is a proof of recognition of internal safety procedures and ensures that the preparations will reach patients faster and in a safer way. ----

KEK, UTokyo and NCBJ Sign MoU to Promote Hyper-Kamiokande Project

prof. Krzysztof Kurek professor signs MoU on Hyper-K
NCBJ, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) and The University of Tokyo ( UTokyo) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) until the end of January in 2022, which aimed to promote the Hyper-Kamiokande international scientific research project. The Polish consortium of the project included nine institutions. An electron accelerator for beam calibration (NCBJ) and light detectors (PW and CAMK) will be built in Poland. ----

JET: a record fusion energy of deuterium and tritium

Wnętrze reaktora JET
An international team of scientists working on the largest working JET tokamak (Oxford, UK) reported a record energy of 59 MJ achieved during a deuterium-tritium fusion lasting 5 seconds. NCBJ researchers contributed to the JET program through detector upgrades and plasma analysis. In Świerk, research is also carried out on materials that may be used in thermonuclear installations. ----

Searching for the gravitationally lensed glow of gamma-ray bursts

Obraz odległej niebieskiej galaktyki zniekształcony przez efekt soczewkowania grawitacyjnego bliższej galaktyki czerwonej.
NCBJ participates in the study of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), in particular the gravitational lensing of their glow. GRBs are one of the most energetic processes in the universe.Scientists propose to extend the search for GRBs with multi-range observations of the glow of these phenomena. ----

Cooperation between NCBJ and Synthos Green Energy in the area of ​​new generation nuclear reactors

On February 4, 2022, the National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and Synthos Green Energy SA (SGE) signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the use of nuclear technology in industry and energy. The planned cooperation is related to the implementation by SGE of projects related to the construction of small modular light-water reactors (LW-SMR) for the production of electricity and possibly municipal heat and the construction of small modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGR). The latter would be oriented towards cogeneration, i. e. industrial heat generation and hydrogen production. ----

CyberLAB shows how a cyberattack on a nuclear power plant can proceed

The NCBJ Cybersecurity Laboratory has prepared an installation illustrating the hypothetical course of an attack on a controller in a nuclear power plant. Scientists show that devices responsible for even seemingly insignificant elements of the system can cause an emergency shutdown of the reactor when its weaknesses are found and exploited. ----

What secrets are hidden in the treasures of Vikings found in Polish lands?

The physicochemical analyzes of silver lunula from the early medieval treasury conducted by NCBJ allowed to establish the techniques of soldering necklaces ornaments. The research shows that the main components of the solders were copper compounds, with the addition of resin glue and lead oxide – a component of the solder mixture described in the historical goldsmithing guide – in the 10th Papyrus of Leiden. ----

NCBJ has established research cooperation with Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland
NOMATEN, the NCBJ research agency, will conduct material research for Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland, which manages the engine and battery factory in Jawor, Lower Silesia. Thomas Kaiser, director of production and maintenance at the factory, has joined the NOMATEN Network of Industrial Advisors. ----

New perspectives in the treatment of difficult-to-diagnose neoplasms

Long-term research on radiopharmaceuticals targeting certain types of cancer, including medullary thyroid carcinoma that is difficult to diagnose and treat, has finally brought promising results in the preclinical phase. The obtained results give hope for the development of cancer theranostics. Scientists from the POLATOM Radioisotope Center at the National Center for Nuclear Research are also working on this. ----